photos 2,4,5   (c) Jeff Richter


As my time has always been spent out-of-doors; backpacking, paddling, just looking & learning about natural things, I began photographing as an extension of this interest, Whether watching squall lines march across Lake Superior or observing Loons caring for their chicks, I felt compelled to share these incredible moments. However, my purpose for creating images evolved into promoting the idea that we are inextricably connected with the great circle of nature. I believe it is our responsibility as stewards to foster the health of the land & all living creatures- everything which is also part of this circle.

Being entirely self taught was certainly the long way around, but I believe the unhurried time spent learning allowed me to develop a unique style. I concentrate on light, texture & color as well as the juxtaposition of all three, rather than simply finding a subject to photograph. For the past six years most of my photographic efforts have been in the Lake Superior basin & the northern forest beyond, with a special emphasis on the lake itself. Having grown up on the water, I have always been drawn to these reservoirs of knowledge, moods & biodiversity. Although I'm called an 'artist', I feel that nature is the artist & that I simply interpret it's beauty. This respect for the natural world reflects the deep rooted affection I have for the land & I hope is evident in the images I capture on film.

Steve lives on the wind swept shores of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Steve’s award winning photography is published regularly in regional and national magazines & calendars